Möbius Valentine's Hearts

Advanced activity. By cutting, gluing and cutting some more we're going to make a pair of pretty Valentine's interlocking hearts!


  1. Fold the paper in half lengthways.
  2. Fold it in half lengthways again.
  3. Open it out, and cut along the folds to make 4 strips of paper.
  4. Take one of the strips and put some glue at one end, and stick it to the other end to make a loop. Do the same with a 2nd strip.
  5. Take a 3rd strip, glue one end, but this time put a twist in the loop before sticking it - remembering which way you twisted it. This is called a Möbius strip.
  6. Take the last strip, glue the end, and twist it the other way before sticking it.
  7. With one of the ordinary loops, put a big square of glue on it.
  8. Stick the other ordinary loop to it at a 90o right angle (perpendicular) to the 1st loop.
  9. Take one of the Möbius strips and put a big square of glue on it.
  10. Stick the other Möbius strip to it, again at a 90o angle.
  11. Cut one of the ordinary loops all the way along its centre - right through where it's been glued to the other loop.
  12. Open it out.
  13. Do the same the other way for what was the other loop.
  14. When you open it out you now have a large square!
  15. Cut along the centre of one of the Möbius strips - this is tricky due to the shape! It will be easier to cut the area where they are glued to each other last of all.
  16. Cut along the centre line of the other Möbius strip.
  17. Continue the centre-line cutting through the area where the Möbius strips were glued to each other.
  18. Carefully open them out - you will have a pair of interlocking hearts! Awww...